ICU Ventilation and Respiratory Monitoring

Fully-featured, high-performance ventilation with modern
Invasive and Non-invasive ventilation modes.

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Ventilation Machines Suitable for Requirements

Idea Aero ventilators created to satisfy all kind of ventilation requirements from basic to top level, all with advanced safety and preciese


Easy to use with simplified interface


It can be transported easily and quickly


Compared to IDEA Aero Competitors developed for Covid-19, it attracts attention with its price and quality.

General Features

  • Volume controlled ventilation:
    – VC-CMV
    – VC-SIMV
    – VC-AC
  • Pressure controlled ventilation:
    – PC-CMV
    – PC-SIMV
    – PC-AC
    – PC-APRV
    – PC-PSV
  • Support of spontaneous breathing:
    – SPN-CPAP
  • O₂ Therapy
  • Fio2%:(21-100)
  • Inspiratory flow (1/min):240
  • Flow Pattern/ waveform adjustment
  • Inspiratory pressure (cm H2O) <(0-80)
  • Inspiratory time: <15
  • IE & inverse IE ratio: 4:1 – 1:4
  • Inspiratory hold / plateau
  • Expiratory hold
  • PEEP / CPAP (cm H20): > (0-35)
  • Pressure support (cm H2O): > (0-85)
  • Auto 100% O2 button
  • Control panel lock
  • Manual breath
  • Active exhalation valve
  • Low / high / FiO2
  • Low / high / FiO2
  • High minute volume
  • Low inspiratory pressure
  • High pressure
  • Loss of PEEP
  • Apnea
  • High respiratory rate
  • High PEEP & Breathing circuit disconnected
  • Gas Supply failure
  • Power failure
  • Vent disconnected or vent blocked)
  • Low battery & Self- diagnostic

PEEP pressure, Tidal volume, Minute volume, Spontaneous minute volume, FİO2 ( analyzed %), Respiratory rate, Inspiratory time, Expiratory time & IE ratio.

  • Out ports type: RS232
  • Remote Alarm/Display ports: optional
  • Data management (save, view & send): optional
  • Type:TFT LCD + Capacitive Touch
  • Data displayed: numbers, graphich & waveforms & others.
  • 10.1 inch touch screen 

Pressurized wall plug O₂ and air sources.

200l/min high pressure blower in pro models.

220-240V,  50/60Hz 0,5A (1.5A Pro)

100-120V,  50/60Hz 0.9A (2.8A Pro)

  • Operating time(hr):> 2 hours – 8 hour(optional)
  • Rechargeable


IDEA Aero Uses Simple but Powerfull Interface to Ensure Stability



  • IDEA Aero uses 5 most common control modes.
  • Volume and pressure controlled modes can be selected on touch screen
  • O2 – Air mix can be adjusted from touch screen and O2 concentration can be adjusted 21%-100%
  • IDEA Aero works compitable with all adult patients.
  • 50ml-650ml Vtial and up to 20 breaths in a minute
  • Flow and Pressure graphs to inspect ventilation process
Medical standart components to maintain patient safety
  • IDEA Aero uses 5 high sensitivity sensors and 4 valves
  • Visual and Sound alarms warns user for limits and malfunction
  • Positive and negative alarm limits can be adjusted indvidually


  • Extraordinary Compact and modern design.
  • -30 +30 degree rotatable 7-10.1 inch touch screen.
  • Manual and on screen controls.
  • Easy to use air-o2 and vent connectors.
  • Stable and robust structure.
  • Just 16 Kg weight.
  • High presicion digital flow and pressure sensors.
  • Mechanical over pressure valve.
  • Optional O2 and Co2 sensors.
  • 1.6 Ghz Processor clock speed.
  • Fast response valves.
  • Works with almost all patient vent circuits.
  • Easy to replace sensor block.
  • Adaptable O2 and air pressure levels


about us


As Alpress,

We have produced a minimal (clinically accepted) ventilator production in hospitals related to the current COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus.

We developed IDEA Aero. Due to respiratory failure caused by SARS-COV-2, invasive ventilation is required. We produced IDEA Aero as a therapeutic utility for a patient. We are proud to manufacture the number of devices



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